14 December 2010

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Carpaccio Magazine Issue #21: “The Long Fall” is out!

click on image to enlarge
I am so happy that my picture shown on Carpaccio Magazine issue 21.
Read this online magazine, to see more art works from different artist around the world.

09 December 2010

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Your Mind book shop

I am so happy that my Newspaper---summer issue is selling in South Korea.

The book shop Your Mind address:
(121-836) YOUR-MIND, View bld 5F, 326-29, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
If you are in Korea, that will be great to go pass by and have a look this cute and nice shop~

06 December 2010

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Diet diary

Day 1 + Day 2

Day 3
Day 4 + Day 5

Day 6 + Day 7
Day 8 + Day 9

Here is my new project about my diet plan,
whenever I have food I would draw out the food that I have eaten.
So that way it reminds me of how much food that I have taken into my stomach.

But I gave up after one week later.

03 December 2010

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Strawberry Jam

15 September 2010

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time to get serious

trying to make my own "company" ,
so i have to design my company name, logo and Slogan.
"Smiley Kylie, think like Bunny"
One of my best friend, Karishma always calls me "Smiley Kylie"
so here is my name come from.

24 July 2010

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tattoo design

My brother asked me to draw a COOL tattoo for him to memory his Girl friend..
So the Tattoo need to show his girl friend's name and her birthday...
He wanted a COOL tattoo...but I realize I couldn't draw COOL things,haha
I Love cute stuff...i know i am too girly... I like these tattoo I drew, but the guy hate these.
Have to re-draw again=_=

W for wings
Z for Zebra,
so there is a flying zebra tattoo, i quite like it.so cute...

07 July 2010

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save our souls

Camberwell College of Arts, illustration BA course External show!!!!

23 June 2010

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Degree show - Internal show

My Internal degree show will be held from the 22nd--26th of June.
At Camberwell College of Arts

Here is my work for the Degree show,
Inspired from Tibet temple:

here is some researches i found from Getty Images.

Because my final work is about " Cycle of Rebirth"
So i want to make something like Column shape and colourful.
Life is keep going and never ending.

18 June 2010

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cycle of rebirth

“In Buddhism story, bridge means your past life. When you’re crossing the bridge, there would be an old lady waiting for you to drink the soup that she made, after you drank it, you would forget everything about your past life and in order start your new life. It’s call rebirth of life. Your past life is what determines what your new life will be. You could be an animal or a human again, It all depends. Just like Wallpaper, keep recycling and repeating”.

12 June 2010

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from my animation

Some people I drew for my 2nd Animation" Memory of College"
Most of them are my classmates, and 2 tutors there.
It supposed 4-5 tutors, 60 students totally, but I haven't finished yet....
Wellllll, I will try to finish all of them in this few YEARS~~HA

08 June 2010

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my 2nd Animation


"Memory of College" is my 2nd animation.
It supposed 5mins long, but i couldn't finish all.....it was taking too much time to keep drawing.
now it just take only 1min46sec.

20 May 2010

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wallpaper project

Finaly, I got the A0 size wallpaper print yesterday.
But still A0 size is too small for me...I need A ROLL OF WALLPAPER!!!!!

14 May 2010

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fabric digital print

After the Alexander McQueen intership. I fall in love to do fabric print.
So, in my final year project, I want to try this new skill.
I went to London College of Fashion, to ask them help.
The technician suggested me to try to print on Silk Satin, because my drawing is too fine, if I want to show the detail very clealy, Silk Satin is the best.

Finaly, I got the print yesterday...I don't like it.
I noticed that my drawing is not suitable on Silk Satin.
Silk Satin is a soft fabric, and my drawing is too sharp for it.
Next time, I would like to try Cotton, I think this material could be very match with my illustration.

12 May 2010

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wallpaper project

there is some of the part from my final project, wallpaper project.

06 May 2010

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The Magic Sweety Grail

All is about Sweet sweet sweet sweet~~~
This is my third children's story for Macmillian Prize.

In 1897, there was a little rich young lady called Ally. When she went out, there were 2 maids and 1 bulter that followed behind her at all times.

The Manager of ther sweet shop had a big moustache under his nose." there is ten boxes around the sweet grail. You can take any sweets you want from those boxes, because those boxes will refill themselves when the sweets are almost finished. "

So, Ally started her first business, she sold the sweets to the childrnn, but the price was not cheap. Only wealthy children could afford it.

Ally had a great idea, she went to visit the children at rhe orphanage and gave all of the sweets to them for free, and also gave the money what they jusy earned to the nuns.

03 May 2010

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Pictures for Animation04

the other favorite pictures for the animation.
colour pencil.

01 May 2010

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AUTUMN ISSUE newspaper

Normal issue one

Fianlly, I finished to print the new issue- AUTUMN
This issue has wrote by two language, English and Chinese.
6 pages totally.
there is two options for you, one is Normal issue.(only Black + White + Orange colour)
5 pounds each.
( Hong Kong will be take 25 HK dollars)

Special issue

And the other option for you is Special issue,
There was presented by colourful print.
But it takes more expensive, 10 pounds each.
(Hong Kong will take 50 HK dollars.)

if you feel interested, email me then buy my newspaper~Thank you:


29 April 2010

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Pictures for Animation03

These are my favorite sequence of the animation.
Nice colour and nice face, very nature. Love it.
I can't wait to see the result.

27 April 2010

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CUBE poster design



my friend asked me to design one series of poster and leaflets for her degree show.
The theme is about HK's teenagers' Internet Addication Disorder.

Fig. 1 is showing the place of the show.
Fig. 2 is the final poster, they prefer Black & White colour.