08 June 2010

my 2nd Animation


"Memory of College" is my 2nd animation.
It supposed 5mins long, but i couldn't finish all.....it was taking too much time to keep drawing.
now it just take only 1min46sec.

5 意見:

Angie said...

gooooood job Kylie!!! Super Like it , it looks like took u long time to make it , my favorite part it Jordan one, it really look like him,ha, and also Darryl. =D

Kylie said...

OHOHOH~thank you Angie- glad u like it-

maria cerezo said...

I can't stop laughing! hahahah It's fantastic!! ALL!

ZEEL said...

that is just lovely, and it gets better and better as it goes on. well done Kylie.

Kylie said...

thank you thank you all your comments,it's really greatful to read you guys comments~so warm :-)