14 October 2009

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Yellow Bow girl

Yellow shirt

Yellow short hair girl

22 September 2009

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Old works 2

photoshop + pencil drawing

photoshop + pencil drawing

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Old works

sewing + pencil drawing

water colour + pencil drawing

22 July 2009

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Carpaccio Magazine Vol.1

Image by Carpaccio Magazine
I am so happy that i am in Carpaccio Magazine Back cover...
it is a beautiful magazine, there is lots of illustrations and photos from around the world~!!!! How nice it is~~

available to buy the "Carpaccio guide to emerging illustrators, photographers & artists. Vol. 1" now

21 June 2009

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old Pictures for Spindle Magazine


20 May 2009

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My second children's book

There was an old couples living in an house in a forest

In this forest, the old couples lived happily and peaceful together with the animals.

Until one day, something happened.....
this story is about our environment, natural, animal and human thing...

16 May 2009

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Picture for Carpaccio Magazine

When I was traveling, I fear being attack,
fear heaving accident,

fear to get diseases,

fear being homesick,
But the worst part is that i fear to lost myself.
Here is a small story and illustration for Carpaccio Magazine issue #2

20 April 2009

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Little Secret Workshop - Darkroom Cafe

Finaly, Little Secret Workshop--Darkroom Cafe open.
This few days, Darkroom Cafe has an exhibition call Self- Colour Photography Exhibition.
They are showing one of my black & white photo (OSCAR).
So happy and excited about that.

Darkroom Cafe is one new cafe shop in Taiwan,
there is selling their own brand fashion staff such as T-shirts and caps also.
More details : Little Secret Workshop

There is showing other 100 photos, and I am one of them.

It's so interested that Oscar is in London now, but his face is showing in Taiwan.
Special thanks Oscar and Mandy Star

Image from LS workshop album--Darkroom Cafe Album

14 April 2009

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Picture for Carpaccio Magazine



The topic is about Uncertan Glory of ab April Day.

I am soooooooooooooo super happy and excited about that.
Thank you for Carpaccio Magazine gave me this chance and opportunity.
Especialy thanks for Maria Cerezo.

24 March 2009

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I am creating a new children's book for a competition.
I changed my mind...
Magpie is not the main character in my story now.

23 March 2009

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sketch today

outside view from my house

21 March 2009

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The heart of youth

I miss this picture so much........
I lost it...so stupid i am

20 March 2009

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Red hair,rabbit and sketch

Recentely, i am so crazy about red hair girl, they are so beautiful...(that picture is from Tom Ford poster)
i hope i can get that kind of red hair or pink..... but...those colour are not suit for my skin colour, my face and my personality...

18 March 2009

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terry poison

I love this girl band so much...
i love their music and their fashion style, so stylist~

And they inspirated me a lot...

06 March 2009

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Lefthand sketch

i use to be right hand side to drawing,
but, recentely, i am learning to use my left hand side to draw....

25 February 2009

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Pea Soup Girl(Screen)

Screen Printing for my panny dreadful story--Pea soup girl...
Still testing...
Because the paper and screen is too small that it couldn't show the picture detaily...(no money)
...Anyway, i will try it again...

21 February 2009

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The copy for screen printing

20 February 2009

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Testing colour for pea-soup girl story

Because the character is call pea soup girl
so, the main colour in this story is pea colour + carrot colour...

trying the pea colour first...
then, there is carrot colour...
finally, I noticed that both colour are very match...i like it

05 February 2009

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Pea Soup Girl


29 January 2009

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Penny Dreadful sketches

The story is based on real London history---
" Great Smog of 1952 ( Big Smoke)"

The great smog had kill more then 4000 Londoner.
And my character is one of these people.

I call her Pea-soup girl.
Thank you for my tutor--Peter inspirited me this name for her.

19 January 2009

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Picture for Amelia's Magazine

I am soooooooo happy and excited that Amelia's Magazine had choose my illustration on their Magazine.....

The topic of this illustration is "Everything is Connected"

From Amelia's Magazine issue 10