24 March 2009

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I am creating a new children's book for a competition.
I changed my mind...
Magpie is not the main character in my story now.

23 March 2009

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sketch today

outside view from my house

21 March 2009

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The heart of youth

I miss this picture so much........
I lost it...so stupid i am

20 March 2009

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Red hair,rabbit and sketch

Recentely, i am so crazy about red hair girl, they are so beautiful...(that picture is from Tom Ford poster)
i hope i can get that kind of red hair or pink..... but...those colour are not suit for my skin colour, my face and my personality...

18 March 2009

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terry poison

I love this girl band so much...
i love their music and their fashion style, so stylist~

And they inspirated me a lot...

06 March 2009

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Lefthand sketch

i use to be right hand side to drawing,
but, recentely, i am learning to use my left hand side to draw....