12 October 2014

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rOtring tikky graphic 0.4

pigmented ink
畫起上來很順暢, 不會流墨,不會斷墨,一筆過順暢完成一幅畫,很易上手, 比起平時仲快畫完

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rOtring 800 0.5mm

rOtring 800 / 0.5mm 筆身比較重, 可以實實在在地讓我大力地寫字.
"Sketch your dreams with kylie chan's Illustration, using Rotring #500 mechanical pencils!

In collaboration with Kapok, Kylie will be holding a live drawing session this Thursday at Kapok on Sun Street. Drawing using Rotring pencils and pens, she will also be exhibiting her latest series, 'Trip, Stumble & Fall'.

Feel free to drop by!

16th Oct 2014,
from 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Kapok, Sun Street, Wan Chai.