29 December 2012

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I watched a Japanese TV Drama in the cinema, <<贖罪 Penance>>....I am too concentrate on it and such a Hugg big screen....i got a headache after that...But it is so worth to watch it in the cinema for me...

27 December 2012

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this winter 2012,keep playing her songs. Her voice is so good for the midnight.

20 December 2012

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Sketches before the end of the world

Hope all dream come true before I die

13 December 2012

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I am in the Comic

"Ideogenetic Machine is an interactive application that incorporates portraits of participants into an algorithmically generated comic book. The  drawings illustrate speculative narratives based on current news and events. Participants are invited to actively respond to the emerging story through performance and collaboration. The software adds blank speech bubbles into the composition that you could fill with your own invented dialogue!

A project by Nova Jiang, with Jake Jefferies, created with the support of Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.


you can see me and my friend are in the comic, that is so much fun!!!!

11 December 2012

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Yume market 夢藝巿集

這是我人生參加的第3個巿集,在旺角天台上攪。我覺得很不錯啊!認識了好多新朋友和志同道合的人。我喜歡晩上自己開我那小小的磨菇燈,聽wayne唱歌,他的聲音沙得來似John mayer,好聽啊!也有阿立帶熱朱古力比我,candy陪我聊天有關她去蒙古的事!我喜歡地攤,大家坐在上面好像野餐!