22 November 2008

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It is my first time to make this kind of film(music vedio), just for fun and practice.
I took almose 2000 pictures for this vedio.
Because on the Paris drawing trip, we took 9 hours bus.

In that 9 hours, I got a lot of new idea...including this one.
My first "stop motion"

19 November 2008

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my first "name card"


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Monkey King Animation

This is my first animation for my fiction project.
The story is talking about the monkey king(journey to the west), traditional chinese story.

I know the music might be not match with my animation, but i don't have many choice....

11 November 2008

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Fiction Project

It is a traditional chinese story,
it's call " the Monkey King" or "Journey to the West"

some sketches

then i need to draw a lots of picture
because i will make my first animation

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Book Poetry Project


the poetry is from Japanese

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Postcard for my dear friend

To my dear friend: So Po E

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My first children's book

A Mystical Call
"Ring Ring Ring"

"Who are you?"

"Are you living under the water?"

" No, I am living on the ground."