23 June 2010

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Degree show - Internal show

My Internal degree show will be held from the 22nd--26th of June.
At Camberwell College of Arts

Here is my work for the Degree show,
Inspired from Tibet temple:

here is some researches i found from Getty Images.

Because my final work is about " Cycle of Rebirth"
So i want to make something like Column shape and colourful.
Life is keep going and never ending.

18 June 2010

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cycle of rebirth

“In Buddhism story, bridge means your past life. When you’re crossing the bridge, there would be an old lady waiting for you to drink the soup that she made, after you drank it, you would forget everything about your past life and in order start your new life. It’s call rebirth of life. Your past life is what determines what your new life will be. You could be an animal or a human again, It all depends. Just like Wallpaper, keep recycling and repeating”.

12 June 2010

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from my animation

Some people I drew for my 2nd Animation" Memory of College"
Most of them are my classmates, and 2 tutors there.
It supposed 4-5 tutors, 60 students totally, but I haven't finished yet....
Wellllll, I will try to finish all of them in this few YEARS~~HA

08 June 2010

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my 2nd Animation


"Memory of College" is my 2nd animation.
It supposed 5mins long, but i couldn't finish all.....it was taking too much time to keep drawing.
now it just take only 1min46sec.