29 April 2010

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Pictures for Animation03

These are my favorite sequence of the animation.
Nice colour and nice face, very nature. Love it.
I can't wait to see the result.

27 April 2010

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CUBE poster design



my friend asked me to design one series of poster and leaflets for her degree show.
The theme is about HK's teenagers' Internet Addication Disorder.

Fig. 1 is showing the place of the show.
Fig. 2 is the final poster, they prefer Black & White colour.

26 April 2010

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Pictures for Animation02


fig.1 and fig.2 are same person,
she will change from fig. 1 to fig.2 in the animation.
( different material i used this time: Pencil eyes and mouth + Acrylic face + Pastels hair)

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Pictures for Animation01

Finally, I finished the Macmillian story,
now I can start my new project, Animation.
I have to draw around 40 people,(my classmates and tutors...)
This is the first person that I finished to draw. Guess who she is.
(Acrylic paint)

24 April 2010

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First Greater China Illustration Awards

In this February,
I tried one illustration competition in Hong Kong,
First Greater China Illustration Awards,
I submitted my old pictures, "Fear Values Travelling"
The pictures had published in Carpaccio Magazine before.
then I got Certificate of Excellence in this illustration competition.
They had a Roving Exhibition in Hong Kong.
from 26th of February to 23rd of April.
the Exhibition just finished, i am so sorry that i am so late to update on my blog,

14 April 2010

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Now, you can buy my newspaper in Tokyo, Zine's Mate shop,

Vacant: 3-20-13 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
more details: ZINE's MATE