09 December 2008

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Fact project

This Fact project
my topic is about Evolution
From Cells to become first four feets

From Dinosaurs to become Animals

From Monkey to Human


Then is our modern life---the evolution of transportation

Then is our city to factory
start from here,
just a draft, i didn't finish it yet....
GMO to Robort


I will keep working out in this Christmas Holiday.......
I really want to finish it all, can't wait to see the final work.

I am getting start to love my new style.

05 December 2008

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What Are You Like?’ artwork

1)favourite animal: puppy
2)book: Bible
3)clothes: dress
4)comfort : many many pillows
5)food : chocolate cake
6)pastime : drawing
7)place : my bedroom
8)possession : Laptop
9)music : John Mayer
10)shoes: wedgie
11)weather : Blue sky
12)pet aversion: Papers

04 December 2008

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Next Generation Talent - Panasonic & YCN

for the Panasonic Poster competition( i don't care the prize, win or not.....just for try)
I don't like my style in this poster........
I am still trying and trying to develop my own new style........
Its really difficult for me....

22 November 2008

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It is my first time to make this kind of film(music vedio), just for fun and practice.
I took almose 2000 pictures for this vedio.
Because on the Paris drawing trip, we took 9 hours bus.

In that 9 hours, I got a lot of new idea...including this one.
My first "stop motion"

19 November 2008

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my first "name card"


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Monkey King Animation

This is my first animation for my fiction project.
The story is talking about the monkey king(journey to the west), traditional chinese story.

I know the music might be not match with my animation, but i don't have many choice....

11 November 2008

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Fiction Project

It is a traditional chinese story,
it's call " the Monkey King" or "Journey to the West"

some sketches

then i need to draw a lots of picture
because i will make my first animation

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Book Poetry Project


the poetry is from Japanese

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Postcard for my dear friend

To my dear friend: So Po E

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My first children's book

A Mystical Call
"Ring Ring Ring"

"Who are you?"

"Are you living under the water?"

" No, I am living on the ground."

30 October 2008

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Year 1 Show

Toilet paper Doll...

29 October 2008

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year 1 illustration work

my first illustration in Camberwell---Olympic project

Hollywood star portrait

my flag

sign project

apple everyday, doctor go away

story project


pinky birthday cake

08 January 2008

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Hello, my dear Blog.

Hello, Blog. My name is Kylie (my Chinese name is Kai Chan).
Nice to meet you. It is first time to see you.
Because my college, so that why you are here.
I hope you can read my English...
I will try my best to let u understand my English...