19 July 2013

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2013 Hong Kong Book Fair

"it won't be too small" Exhibition, 在Kubrick攤位位置.
有來自全球不同的小本子一起展出, 包括我的好朋友台灣"咱誌".
好開心也有我的"Five/Six Days Work" 和"佳冬日報" 也是展覽之一耶~~~~

Hello All Zine lovers,
There is a zine exhibition will be held during Hong Kong Book Fair period(19-23 July), in the booth of Kubrick. "it won't be too small" Exhibition
So happy that my Zine " Five/Six days work" and "佳冬日報" also are in this event.
The exhibition will be held in the form of displaying different kind of existing zines all over the world. (including" Let's Zine" from Taiwan) Have Fun and Enjoy reading