01 May 2010

AUTUMN ISSUE newspaper

Normal issue one

Fianlly, I finished to print the new issue- AUTUMN
This issue has wrote by two language, English and Chinese.
6 pages totally.
there is two options for you, one is Normal issue.(only Black + White + Orange colour)
5 pounds each.
( Hong Kong will be take 25 HK dollars)

Special issue

And the other option for you is Special issue,
There was presented by colourful print.
But it takes more expensive, 10 pounds each.
(Hong Kong will take 50 HK dollars.)

if you feel interested, email me then buy my newspaper~Thank you:


2 意見:

ET said...

買了你的newspaper, 很有趣~~


i m et, from hk too.

Kylie said...

thank you for buying.thank you so much.Hope you enjoy it and like my works.I will keep doing more self-publishing in the future!please keep supporting me!!! :-)