06 May 2010

The Magic Sweety Grail

All is about Sweet sweet sweet sweet~~~
This is my third children's story for Macmillian Prize.

In 1897, there was a little rich young lady called Ally. When she went out, there were 2 maids and 1 bulter that followed behind her at all times.

The Manager of ther sweet shop had a big moustache under his nose." there is ten boxes around the sweet grail. You can take any sweets you want from those boxes, because those boxes will refill themselves when the sweets are almost finished. "

So, Ally started her first business, she sold the sweets to the childrnn, but the price was not cheap. Only wealthy children could afford it.

Ally had a great idea, she went to visit the children at rhe orphanage and gave all of the sweets to them for free, and also gave the money what they jusy earned to the nuns.