06 December 2010

Diet diary

Day 1 + Day 2

Day 3
Day 4 + Day 5

Day 6 + Day 7
Day 8 + Day 9

Here is my new project about my diet plan,
whenever I have food I would draw out the food that I have eaten.
So that way it reminds me of how much food that I have taken into my stomach.

But I gave up after one week later.

2 意見:

Sasa said...

I just wanted to tell you... you're amazing! Really! I love all your work. Such great inspiration.
And I'm in love with your last animation!
You've just got yourself a creepy stalker kekeke

Kylie Chan said...

Thank you so much Sasa,I am soooooo happy that you like it.Hope you are enjoy to read my blog, and I will keep updating my new illustration on this blog in the future.